Monday, November 22, 2010

Love Notes

     Being a former teacher, I love it when I see my kids making progress in their learning.  When my youngest started to write us notes and leave them laying out for us to receive, it just warmed my heart.  I love how inventive spelling is used but you get the general idea of what he is trying to say..."Mom, I want oatmeal for breakfast."  This was just one of those "moment" scrapbook times that I needed to capture.
I used Cosmo Crickets Earth Love collection for most of it but the ribbon is from the Everafter collection.  The buttons are just from my button stash.
     My other scrapbook excitement is that I got myself a new storage system for my buttons!  I had fun sorting them last night.  I am hoping that I have enough room left over in the little drawers for me to sort the brads too.  Organizational scrapbook tools make my heart skip a beat...*love* them!
     I started a really cute holiday card using very non-traditional scrapbook papers from Echo Park last night.  When I finish it, I will post it here!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Melissa!

    Very cute page, love the note from the child!

    I didn't get an email with your address, I hope it didn't get lost. I just noticed I forgot the n in my last name. Can you please try 1 more time to send it to (I promise that is correct :)