Monday, March 28, 2011

Basket Case

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Silhouette?  It is so much fun to make fun little creations out of paper and use them to decorate the house.  This cute, little basket was no exception.  The sun was shining for my photo session today (hence the shadows) but at least it was a little brighter!  I used my Sew Easy on the handle of the basket to add a little something to it.  Even though it is cold outside, this brings in a little bit of spring!  

I am currently working on three different projects in my craft room.  Although I kind of redid my room last summer, I am really feeling crunched for space.  My sweet hubby suggested getting custom made cabinetry and tearing out a wall to make a bigger craft space.  I love the idea but I don't think I could fit that into my scrapbook budget!  Someday...right?

On another note, I had a birthday yesterday.  One more on the march toward the big 4-0!  Admittedly, I love my birthday.  I have never dreaded a birthday in my life.  I am just always so grateful to have another year on this earth with the people I love.  My life is sweet and I want to enjoy every moment God gives me.  I had a great birthday!  My hubby brought me to a local B&B on Friday.  Relaxing and peaceful without the kiddos.  I also got a new Keurig Elite Coffee Maker!  Does anyone have one of these?  If so, any coffee suggestions?  I am really excited to try it out.  I will feel like a real barista with that small appliance in my kitchen.  It even makes iced coffee so I am ready for warmer weather anytime now!

I will post my new projects as I finish them.  Hopefully soon!  Thank you for stopping by today!

Scrap Happy~melissa

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Need Inspiration?

I found a new blog called "Once Upon a Sketch Blog" that not only encourages scrapbooking but also encourages journaling (a necessity for every scrapbook page in my opinion)!  Here is an excerpt from their blog...

"The main aim here is to get people journalling...telling their story. It seems as though people are not journalling on their pages as much as they used to. I have to say I am guilty of that too...A lot of us these days tend to go for more pretty or artistic pages and forget the journalling, which is probably the reason we all started scrapbooking." 

They have a great giveaway going as well. Check out all of this scrappy goodness!
Here is their badge too...

I'm looking forward to being a follower and seeing what fun they have in store!  

Scrap Happy~melissa

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why do I scrap?

I hope it is okay to share this little tidbit here.  I found it on Lisa Day's blog and just thought that is was too good to pass up!  Why do I scrapbook?....

Not only is it good for my soul and provides me with an outlet for creative expression, but also for the wonderfully important reason that this quote explains!  

I have found that I have strayed away from only scrapbooking Christmas, Easter, First Day of School, Birthday #___, etc. and I have tried to scrapbook the little "moments" that mean so much.  The things I don't want to forget.  How my son says certain words, my daughters generous spirit, the way they all get crazy together.  Those moments that might otherwise be forgotten.  Why do you scrapbook?  

Scrap Happy~Melissa

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Spring!

     I am *really* ready for the snow to melt and so far, it is being agreeable.  My sump pump has been working around the clock for days.  I am so grateful it is working well because this snow is melting fast (though there is still a lot more to go)!  I wanted to create a card that used up my scraps and put me in the mood for spring so I created this card.

     The folks over at The Beary Scrap (of which my friend Brenda just joined the design team!) have a fun birthday challenge going on as well so I thought I would make the above card for their Spring challenge.  It was fun and easy, but most of all, a great way to use up the tremendous amount of scraps that I keep "just in case".  
     I had so much fun making the flowered card that I decided to make one more with a little bit of a different twist.  This one is for the Oh Baby, It's Spring challenge over at  I liked how this one turned out as well.  Maybe I am more of a card maker than I think I am : )  

My kids are on spring break this week!  We don't have anything special going on since we went to Disney World last year and my husband just returned from a Habitat for Humanity week long trip.  I am looking for some great "stay-cation" ideas.  What kinds of fun things do you do with your kids to make spring break special even if you are staying home?  I am open to any ideas!  Thank you for stopping by today!

Scrap Happy~melissa

Friday, March 18, 2011

Flowery Thanks!

I thought I'd share a couple of thank you cards that I have completed recently.  I still don't consider myself a card maker but I have been enjoying that process more and more!  I *really* wish that I could remember where I saw the idea for this card.  I will happily admit that it was not my idea and I wish I could give credit to whomever thought of it, but isn't it adorable?
I think that this is a great way to use up some of the American Crafts Thickers that I have leftover when I get toward the end of a package.  I always have a lot of ribbon scraps as well as flowers so this one came together quite easily!
For this one, I loved the layering of the papers for the flower as well as the scalloped border on the center strip.  Something a little different than my usual!  So, a day of flowery thanks to you, my 23 blog followers : )  Thanks for following me and I hope that you enjoy some of the things that you see!  I will keep on posting as long as you keep on reading.  What do you think?  Should I post more often?  What kinds of things do you like to read about?  I aim to!  Have a great weekend!

Scrap Happy~melissa
P.S. I apologize for the poor lighting quality of the pictures.  The sun has not been a frequent visitor!  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


     As I sit and watch the snow pile up outside my window, I sigh knowing that winter is still here.  However, knowing that spring is just around the corner does bring some solace.  I will admit however, that I was not feeling quite that optimistic when the snow plows dumped all of my garbage/recycling over and I was out there picking it out of the snow this a.m.!  I did manage to get the kids to school (barely) and get back home in one piece.  Hopefully the roads are more clear by pick-up time and the end of my driveway gets magically cleaned up!  Here is a picture from my backyard.  Yes, it is beautiful but I am really ready to see some color...and soon!
     That brings me to my layout.  I love this layout for a few reasons.  First, it is the layout that I sent to Big Scrap Deal to try for a design team spot.  And, since I got a spot, it will always hold a special place in my heart!  The main reason I love this layout is because of the reaction from my dear husband when I showed it to him.  If I am not mistaken, I believe his reactions was, "Wow!  That is amazing.  I think that this is my favorite page that you've ever done."  Now, he is always supportive of my hobby but his reaction is one that I think many scrappers look for when they show someone their layouts!  What a great guy!  
     We were asked to use only three colors and make a handmade embellishment for this layout.  I was really happy with how it turned out.  
     Hopefully sping won't be too far away.  March 21st is the official date, right?  One can only hope...

Scrap Happy~ melissa

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chilly Fun

     Just wanted to share a layout that I made last night about my youngest.  He loves to create anything in the kitchen and really wanted this Blizzard machine for Christmas.  The night we got all of the supplies together to make the blizzards, I was not home so my hubby was kind enough to take some pics for me to scrapbook (okay, I did ask him to, but he did remember)!

     I used the super sketch from the midweek mojo guest designer Brittany Perry to create my layout.  I chose to do a one pager instead of a two, based on the number of pictures that I had.  I have had the Sassafras Monstrosity line for a while and love it.  I just needed some fun pics to use!  I am happy with how it turned out.  And happy to report that when we made Blizzards again, they were quite delicious!

Scrap Happy~melissa

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy News

     I just needed to share some exciting news that I found out recently...I have been asked to be on a design team!  Big Scrap Deal ( had a design team call in February and I thought it would be fun to submit my work and see what happened.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that they thought I'd be a good addition to their team!  I couldn't be more excited to get crafty for them!  I had set some crafty goals for myself for 2011 and one of them was to submit and try to get onto a design team.  So, it is just icing on the cake that I actually made it!
     I just got my first mailing of materials to use to get my scrap on and, truthfully, I haven't stopping thinking about what to make since I got it in the mail yesterday!  I hope that the ideas in my heard turn out as great in reality!  Although this is new ground for me, and I am a little nervous, I couldn't be happier!  Be sure to check out their blog which shows what I submitted for the design team at  
     Thank you for stopping by and I hope your weekend is fabulous!
Scrap Happy~melissa