Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday Cards With Some Philosophical Nuggets Thrown In Post

     My baby turns seven next month.  (And just to note, I accidentally typed "three" just now instead of "seven," what does that tell you?)  Where do the years go?  Some days fly by.  Some days tick by with each second on the clock but the years, they just gather momentum and surge on.  I really have been trying to live in the moment that has been given to me.  I have become a big addict fan of Pinterest lately and I love finding something on there that inspires me.  Sometimes it is something creative, sometimes it is something that speaks to my heart.  Recently, I found this...
This is what I need to try to remember on a daily basis.  Enjoy the ride.  Easier said than done when I am chasing around most nights.  But, I need to remember that I wouldn't be chasing if I didn't have these three little people in my life so that alone makes me grateful!  Enjoy the ride.  Yes, I think I will : )
     Yes, I will get to some crafty stuff too!  I created my son's birthday party invitation based off of his most recent interest which is China.  He loves anything to do with China.  The food, the culture, the clothes, the animals, the language, you name it, he wants to know about it.  I thought it would be fun to have a Chinese themed birthday party.  I kept it very simple and used my Silhouette to get the shapes I wanted.  (Just to note, there are very limited cute panda cuts on the Silhouette).  
The inside has all of the necessary information along with Happy Birthday written in Chinese across the top.  Thank goodness Google knows how to do all of those kind of things!  He loved it and when he found out we were having Chinese food at his party he jumped around and hugged me saying thank you over and over.  Gotta love all of that enthusiasm!  
     My oldest was invited to a birthday party this weekend and since we got the "oh so original" gift card for a gift, I wanted to jazz it up a bit.  I made a tri-fold card based off of a card sketch by Kristy Lee at from a looonnnggg time ago.  (I can't find the link right now, I will link it later if I can find it).  

I was going to use Basic Grey Life of the Party but decided that I would hoard that for a bit longer.  Instead, I went with Bo Bunny It's My Party collection.  I was excited that there were pieces that worked with exactly what size I needed.  After I chose my papers, I referred to Kristy's card and realized that I chose the same papers as she did for her card.  A coincidence I promise but I thought it was rather funny!  For the inside of the card, I cut a little gift card holder on my Silhouette.  I then used some American Crafts rub-ons to say Happy Birthday on the outside of the gift card holder. All in all, I was happy with how it turned out.  And, it gave a little something extra so the gift of a gift card! 
     My plan to try to make all of my cards rather than purchase them is going rather well.  I wonder how much money I have saved doing that?  And, I get to use up some of the paper that I have been keeping on hand as well!  Winning all around.  
     Lastly, I've been baking a lot lately and I am wondering what you'd think about me throwing in some recipe blog posts here and there?  Craftiness and baking?  I don't know if I could contain myself!  Let me know what you think and thanks for stopping by!

Scrap Happy~Melissa  


  1. Melissa, I've been loving your projects lately and these are certainly no exception. You've got serious talent, lady!!!

  2. Melissa, these are great! And I'd love you to share your recipes. Scrapping and baking are two of my favorite passions!