Monday, June 11, 2012

School's Out! School's Out! Teacher's Let the Monkeys Out!

     Having taught for many years, I always try to give a gift that I know I would have enjoyed getting. So, it takes some thought when I give teacher gifts. The teacher that my daughter had this year also happens to be a friend of mine. I was beyond happy when Emma got assigned to her room, as I knew they'd be a good match. I truly did not realize quite how amazing of a match they were though. Talk about giving her wings so she could fly... 
     I wanted to give her a gift that suited her personality along with things that I knew she'd like. She is a Diet Mountain Dew fanatic. So, I refurbished this little coffee cup carrier into a Dew carrier! The bottles were a little narrow so I added some tissue which actually bulked up the carrier a little bit too. One thing my daughter loved is how easily her teacher laughed this year, so the wire "laugh" word was an appropriate choice when choosing a sentiment. And, of course, who can resist a good play on words (truly one of my favorite things) with a "Thanks for all you DEW". This sweet little carrier along with a gift card for her hair salon and we were good to go. 

     I wanted to make a special card for her as well to send a heart felt thank you note for all that she did to make this year so incredible for my girl. This card is a sketch from Kristy over at Scrapbooksteals and I used some old Pebbles paper that I had along with some Melodee Ross cards that I found on clearance recently. As I said before, she really gave her wings so she could fly. I just hope that my sentiment inside did how I felt justice.  

      I saw this idea on Pinterest and saw it done by my friend Cyndee. My youngest's teacher always had a glass of water on her desk in a cup similar to this one. I filled this cup up with a bunch of goodies and attached the little banner and it was good to go! I always love it when my kids are so proud to carry in their gifts for their teachers and I had one happy boy that morning.

     The last thing I wanted to share was a quick little thank you that I made for several people. I tagged along on a conference in Texas with my husband recently. It was several days of rest and relaxation. I can't tell you how incredible that felt! We were treated to some true Texas fun with a rodeo, mechanical bull riding, sitting on a real bull, eating Texas BBQ, line dancing, lassoing and gun shooting (okay, they were blanks but still...)! None of that fun could have been had without the people at home who helped take care of our kiddos! We bought salsa for everyone that helped us out and I attached these tags to them along with a note on the back. 
     I am so glad that you stopped by today. As always, thanks for looking and please feel free to comment : )

Scrap Happy~Melissa

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  1. What great gifts! I'm sure they were well received!