Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bold & Boy

    In my last post, I mentioned how much fun it was to make little girl pages. I do have to say though, that a good boy page gives me an incredible amount of satisfaction as well. Sometimes I think boy pages are more difficult to do, hence the pleasure I get for one that turns out well! Here is one of my boy creations recently:

     My oldest had some big decisions to make recently when trying to decide if he should play soccer or football in high school. He loves both and is good at both so it was truly a time where he needed to do some reflection as to where his heart was the most. Ultimately, he chose soccer which, while being a bit of a surprise, made us really proud. It is a perfect sport for him and he loves it now that the season is officially underway! I wanted to capture that moment of some big decision making that he had to do. 

     This American Crafts Amy Tangerine collection was a perfect color palette for my page. I loved the bold colors and the clouds (of course)! It was fun to layer, sew, fussy cut and ink my way to a page I was happy with! Hope that you enjoy it too!

Thank you for stopping by!
Scrap Happy~ Melissa


  1. What a great boy page! And a wonderful photo of Ben!

  2. It's a fantastic LO, you did such a good job with it, and it will be nice to have his decision documented! waving hi from the sandy beaches of Florida ;0

  3. Perfect! you did a great job. awesome boy's page without being too frilly
    God Bless, J

  4. I love doing boy pages. This one is so cheery. Love the subject

  5. Love love LOVE how you used the AT paper on your son's layout. Seriously stunning!! And best of luck on an awesome soccer season this year!!!