Friday, December 2, 2011

Love These Ladies

     Somehow, along the way, I got incredibly blessed and have had the chance to have some very wonderful women in my life.  Not only that, I got the chance to know them well.  My great-grandmother passed away soon after I had my first child.  Which means that my oldest was held by his great-great-grandma.  How amazing is that?  So, the fact that my daughter knows her great-grandma, regularly spends time with her and has many memories made with her, makes me amazingly happy.
     I had been wanting to get a photo shoot done of all four generations of women for a while; my grandma, my mom, me and my daughter.  I had thought about going to a portrait studio but one day we were all at my house for an event, we all had on similar colors so I brought us all to the backyard and took this picture.  I knew immediately that it would be my four generations scrapbook page!  The photo was taken in May but I just scrapped it this week after seeing the gorgeous sketch from Kristy Lee over at Scrapbook Steals!  Here is the page:
I used the My Mind's Eye Stella & Rose collection: Mabel.  I really loved the colors for this photo and I was happy with how it all came together!  I know that I will treasure this page in years to come.  
     I just took my grandma Christmas shopping and out for lunch a few days ago. We really get along well and have fun together.  At 82, she is spry and active as well as good company. Today, my mom has off of work and she & I are going to meet for lunch too! I can't wait, I love spending time with her. I am also hoping that she will want to come to a couple of thrift stores with me.  My friend Misty recently posted on her blog about some treasures she found for the holidays and I could use a few more stocking stuffers for my kids! I've never thought of checking out thrift stores before but seeing what Misty all got made me want to check it out.  
     I hope that you all have a great day!  If you'd like, leave a comment telling me about an influential woman in your life.  I love reading comments.  Thanks for stopping.
Scrap Happy~Melissa


  1. Melissa, I adore this layout and I'm so happy that you are close to your mother and grandmother. I was lucky enough to have five great grandparents when I was born and I didn't lose the last one until I was 18. I only have one grandmother left, but she is an amazing woman and can seriously do anything. She's not into papercrafts like me, but she's a super hard working farm wife and is incredibly innovative. She knows no gender boundaries and and age 80 still changes the oil in her lawnmower herself. When she's not wielding a chain saw or power tools, she is busy quilting or sewing. My favorite story about my grandma was from 1991 when she made me a prom dress. Back in the day, this was a teal green, floor length, poufy, big shiny satin dress that needed a "hoop" thingy underneath to make the bottom stand out. We priced the hoops in the stores and being the frugal lady that she is, decided she could make me one herself, especially since I only needed to wear it for one night. She made a cage like structure using strips of vinyl siding and rivets and hooked it to the bottom of an old slip. It worked perfectly and I can probably say that I'm the only person who wore vinyl siding to the prom!

  2. This layout is just beyond stunning and what an amazing photo to have. Love that you're blogging again!

  3. Hola Melissa, enhorabuena por tu precioso blog.
    Un saludo desde España