Friday, November 9, 2012

Season Wrap Up

This summer, I had created a layout that was about my oldest's decision to play soccer over football and what a difficult decision that was for him to make. With the season now over, I wanted to make a layout that captured how he/we felt about the season. To do that, I used this collection by Little Yellow Bicycle that I've been hanging on to for a while called "Get Your Game On".

I titled this layout, "It is more than just Soccer" for a couple of reasons. (This is may be more of a "mom" post than a scrapbook post today :) I've said to many people since my oldest started high school this year, that I am literally seeing him mature before my eyes. The boy who I forced to tell me "I feel" statements about his days in 8th grade now comes home with funny stories, anecdotes about his thoughts on high school and true discussion about world events.

Not only that, he has set goals for himself, both short term and long term, that he hopes to achieve. And that was by choice, not by my encouragement. I kind of feel like a gardner who planted a seed and was waiting for it to grow. Odd analogy? Probably. But, that is how I feel when I have these sort of discussions with my child. It is so satisfying to see that the lessons and things that my husband and I have taught him through the years, are being seen in him little by little now. Like a gardner rejoices in each new bloom, that is how I feel about this kiddo!

I really think that being a part of this particular soccer team help to make that difference this year. At the soccer banquet, almost every senior talked about the comradery the team had. For my son to be a part of that was a really good thing. He loves being on a team, he always has. And, there were some really great boys on that team that not only set a good example but led with strength and grace. 

While I am not sure what the future holds for my son, I do know that I am enjoying the process of seeing how his life is unfolding. I feel blessed and so immensely grateful that I have the opportunity to see it happen. 

My question for any of you reading who may be a parent is: 
What do you find to be the most satisfying thing as a parent? 

Scrap Happy~Melissa


  1. I love your post Melissa. My sons are 16 and 17 and I have been seeing the same changes the last year or so. There were times when I was worried they would never get to this point......but I am proud to say, I am proud of them and the way they have grown into the young men they are now. With no Dad in their lives....I was so worried. I have many things to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing <3

  2. This is a great layout Melissa! Ben is a fine young man and you have good reason to be proud. As far as my favorite "mom" moments, I'd have to say it's hearing one of them (when they don't know I'm listening)say something really nice to the other one. A close second is having total strangers compliment me on my childrens' manners/behavior.

  3. This layout is wonderful, Melissa, and I love that it evokes such a great memory of this season in your son's life. Thank you for sharing it with us! As for my mom moments, being that my girls are still little, I still love the random "I love you" moments.

  4. What an awesome layout - and I love the analogy of gardening. Some plants/children are just naturally wilder than others and take different levels of cultivation. At this point mine are at the first level of independence and it's awesome to watch V make a peanut butter sandwich because he's "big" and then later he still snuggles.