Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lovin' a Good Scraplift

     Have you ever seen a layout and said to yourself, "Yes!  That is what I want my page to look like!"?  I was paging through a Scrapbooks Etc. magazine recently and came across a layout by Gillian Nelson that I loved (pg. 61 of the April issue, if you are wondering : )  She had an idea in there about how to scrapbook yourself along with an amazing layout.  I decided to use her idea and scraplift her layout to complete a page about myself.  I had fun using some of my My Mind's Eye "Love Me Do" collection which I actually have two of.  (More on that later...)  It was a little challenging to think of things about me as opposed to pages about others but I was happy with the end result!  I just really like the simplicity of it, not a lot of flowers and fru-fru, rather clean yet with a feminine feel.  

The double layout

Page one

Page 2

I'd love to get some more ideas of pages about you, the scrapbooker!  I think so many times we are behind the lens as well as the creative force behind the layout that we don't get  ourselves into as many layouts as we should.  After all, we do scrapbook for the future generations, right?  Make sure that they know who you were/are too!
     Now, about that paper...I am continually amazed at the sheer amount of paper that I have.  However, being a paper crafter I guess that is a necessity, lol!  I really need to figure out some good storage solutions.  Right now, I have everything arranged by manufacturer and I tend to keep my collections all together.  Thank goodness for the Paper Packer that I got on www.scrapbooksteals.com a long time ago.  It keeps my single sheets of paper organized in Roy G. Biv style in a nice efficient way.  I am wondering if any of you have tips on how you keep your stash organized.  Perhaps a clean, well organized scrap room will be my summer project!  
     Lastly, my wonderfully creative friend Heather has a bit of scrappy goodness of her own that she is giving away on her blog!  Stop by and enter to win!  Here is her link and the prize: 

Thank you for stopping by today! I am tossing around the idea of some sort of giveaway myself.  Any thoughts as to what kinds of things you like to win?  Let me know!  

Scrap Happpy~ melissa

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