Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Memory Recorded

Dealing with grief is not exactly something that I really want to talk about on my blog. However, I do want to recall my thoughts and feelings in the years to come, about how I felt during this time after losing my Grandpa in January. I found a sketch from Creative Scrappers which was perfect for recording the memory of a dream I had of my Grandpa recently.

I like that it didn't require a photo. I could simply write what I wanted to say and not worry about if I had an appropriate photo to match.

The Elle's Studio Serendipity collection had the perfect words for what I wanted to relay on this layout with a lot of "remember this" and "memories" references.

A simple but very meaningful layout, all without even a photo. I am so glad that I made time to create this one! Thanks Kristine Davidson for another incredible sketch!


  1. What a beautiful LO... So poignant and a happy memory. Congrats on being a featured artist too.

  2. Love this layout - very touching!! Hey, and Congrats on the featured artist gig too!!