Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why do I scrap?

I hope it is okay to share this little tidbit here.  I found it on Lisa Day's blog and just thought that is was too good to pass up!  Why do I scrapbook?....

Not only is it good for my soul and provides me with an outlet for creative expression, but also for the wonderfully important reason that this quote explains!  

I have found that I have strayed away from only scrapbooking Christmas, Easter, First Day of School, Birthday #___, etc. and I have tried to scrapbook the little "moments" that mean so much.  The things I don't want to forget.  How my son says certain words, my daughters generous spirit, the way they all get crazy together.  Those moments that might otherwise be forgotten.  Why do you scrapbook?  

Scrap Happy~Melissa

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