Sunday, February 10, 2013

No Saturday Mail?

Well, with the post office announcing that they plan to eliminate Saturday first-class mail delivery to business and home addresses starting in August, I thought that perhaps other means of communication may be becoming more necessary ;) 

So, I thought I'd make a card to promote a means of other communication that utilizes both the USPS and the telephone service! Oh, and it may contain the title of a song you may have heard once or twice.

I really love the ease that Doodlebug provides in making cards. When I was at my not-so-local scrapbook store a while back, I picked up a few of these cute cards to use and I was pleased with the results. 

And, while I adore my electronic media of texting, Facebook, Skype, etc. sometimes...nothing beats a good old fashioned phone call from a friend! Until next time...

Scrap Happy~Melissa

Note: The dark winter weather is adversely affecting the color of my photos! Ugh! It really is a true white! 


  1. So cute, Melissa!! I love the bling on the receiver. And now, I might be singing that song in my head! :)

  2. Super cute! I might have to find a telephone graphic to lift it. Receiver. Lift. That joke will mean nothing to our kids. *sigh*