Friday, March 15, 2013

Five Friday Favorites!

     Hello All! I thought I'd so a quick post today about some of my favorite things this week. Just something that I thought would be fun to do! Let me know your top five in the comments as well! I'd love to read them! In no particular order, here are some of my favorites right now!

1. Online Target Clearance Shopping
I got this adorable dress in my favorite color today for really cheap! And, I was still wearing my sweaty running clothes when I purchased it. I love shopping without having to look presentable!

2. Pandora Radio
This week I found two Pandora stations that pretty much rocked my world! 80's cardio (c'mon, you know you love it!) and Antonio Vivaldi Radio. I know, how different can you get? But, each one fits the mood I am in at the time! 

3. Raspberries
My parents went to Costco and my only request was that they pick up some raspberries (and other fruit) for me! I have raspberry muffins in the oven right now.

4. Solo Cup, Reusable K-Cups
It is no secret that my love for my Keurig machine has grown over the years. I love that this cup doesn't leak and is really easy to clean. Plus, I save a few little K-Cups from the landfill and change up my flavors for a little cheaper at the same time!

5. Ziploc Three Compartment Lunch Container
This handy little thing has been so awesome for my kids and I this school year. Last year I had everything in their lunches in little containers that all had to be washed separately. I've used this since September and couldn't be happier. Love!

And those are a few of my Friday favorite things! I'm not being paid for endorsements or anything! :)
Have a lovely weekend!

Scrap Happy~

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  1. Very nice reviews, Melissa. :) I love listening to Pandora when I'm in my craft room. I frequent the Justin Timberlake channel mostly, some Salt n Pepa. :) And I will definitely be keeping those Ziploc containers in mind for lunches next year!