Sunday, June 30, 2013

Farewell Google Reader

Today is officially the last day to follow blogs via Google Reader. As a hard core Google Reader fan, this is a difficult one for me.

However, I found an alternative that I really like and thought I'd share with you. I've had really good luck using feedly. With feedly, you can bring over all of your the Google Reader blogs that you follow currently with just one click! Take a look at the photo below:
See? One click and you are all set to continue following all of your currently followed blogs!

Or, once you sign in to feedly and you want to add blogs (like this one :) all you have to do is click on the +Add Content button and paste my blog url (or others!) in the search box! To make it easy, here is my url for you!
You just need to copy and paste it into the feedly search box and press the + button next to it. Then you will be all set to follow my blog or any others you'd like.

I hope that this post helped to make following a little easier! Thanks for stopping by!

Scrap Happy~Melissa

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