Friday, April 27, 2012

Banners, Pennants & October Afternoon

     I wanted to share a layout that I made recently which showcased a photo of me as a little girl. I don't often scrap those "vintage" photos but love looking at them. I decided that rather than look at it, I was going to scrap it! This particular photo of my Uncle and I makes me smile every time! I am laughing so hard in the picture and just look so happy. 
     October Afternoon is such a great company to scrapbook these childhood photos with. Many collections just have that vintage vibe. I used Sidewalks and Fly a Kite papers and embellishments on this layout. Banner and pennants are all the rage right now so I thought I'd made a bunch of them on this layout. It turned out just how I was hoping it would. Fun, carefree and cheerful! 
     On a side note, can you see those cute little red Mary Jane shoes that I am wearing? I love those shoes. I'd like a grown up version of them for myself right now! I've been looking for the perfect red shoes for years (I am not exaggerating either)! I don't know exactly what I am looking for but I will know them when I see them. 

  One of my favorite things about this layout is that when I showed it to my youngest, he examined it carefully and asked what I was doing outside of Granny & Papa's house when I was a little girl. (The photo is taken outside of my Grandparent's house.) I love the fact that not only do I have childhood memories of my Grandparents and their home, but he does too! What a blessing! 

     Feel free to share a childhood memory in the comments! About shoes, grandparents...anything! I love to read your comments! Oh, and if you know of red shoes that you think I'd love, let me know that too : ) Thanks for stopping by!

Scrap Happy~Melissa


  1. Such a wonderful idea to scrap wonderful memories from childhood. Those shoes are cute so I don't blame you for wanting an adult version!

  2. Such a great layout! I just wish I had better vintage photos! Did you use the original photo or a copied version? Just wondering how they'll hold up. I have a very blurry photo of myself at age 5 wearing a spiffy pair of striped pants with kites all over them.