Sunday, April 15, 2012

Card-a-licicious & Some Happy news!

April, May and June are pretty full of birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions around here. I didn't want to be scrambling at the last minute to create a card so I went on a card making spree! Below are the results of my crafty time. This is only part one...I have a bunch more that I made as well. 

I made this card for my husband's birthday. It is a trifold "gate" type card that opens in the center. I was SO ecstatic to find Authentique's Celebrate for an amazing deal on recently. That is the one collection that I allowed myself to purchase since I have so much paper to begin with. Red and aqua are just so divine together. I cut the little man & woman on my Silhouette. Inside, is a quote from Martin Luther that says, "Let the wife make her husband glad to come home and let him make her sorry to see him leave." I loved it when I read it and wanted to include it on my hubby's card! 

Next up is a card that I made for my Grandma's 83rd birthday. I used the Fancy Pants collection, It's the Little Things for this one. She likes pretty things so I thought that this card would be a good one for her. More elegant that I typically make anyway! 

This cheery card was made to send to a friend to brighten her day. I heard back from her and was told that it helped so...mission accomplished!

My "big" sister has a birthday in April and I really wanted to create a vintage feel card for her to remind her a bit of our childhood. Although it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to, I did like the look of it and she said that she liked it as well! I wasn't sure if there were too many blues on it or not. I used October Afternoon for this one. 

With Mother's Day around the corner, I wanted to get a jump start on my Mother's Day cards. I just have to add the sentiment to this one and it will be complete for my Grandma! This is a Pebbles collection that I've had forever. Lots of flowers, brads and papers so it is good to use for card making. 

I do want to say that the design for many of the cards was inspired by Pinterest. It is just so fun to go on there and see what others make and get inspired. 

Lastly, my good news! I was contacted recently to ask if one of the scrapbook magazines I've been a reader of for years could publish one of my layouts! This is my second layout to be published so I am really excited. I also just got the check for the first layout that I had published (it comes out next issue!!!). I honestly did not know that they actually PAID YOU to publish your layout. Naive, I know but to get paid for something that I LOVE to do is just surreal! I can't wait to see my pages in print! 

Thank you for stopping by today. Check back soon for Card-a-licicious Part 2!
Scrap Happy~Melissa


  1. BEAUTIFUL cards, Melissa. And congratulations on being published! I also didn't know you got paid. Maybe I should start submitting?!?

  2. Your cards are great! Congrats on being published again! Which magazine is your first one in? I have to make sure I grab a copy of it. I also want to add that I MISS YOU!!! Hope you and your family are doing good!

  3. Wow! Congratulations!! And I love all of your cards, but especially the first one.

  4. Congratulations! So excited for you and can't wait to see what got published! :>)

  5. Awesome job getting published! It is a dream of mine. Your cards, as usual are just fantastic!