Monday, April 16, 2012

Two Birds, One Stone

I got lucky this month when Scrapbook Steals decided to team up with Authentique and feature their sketch for the Mid-Week Mojo. Since I typically scrap both sketches, I was able to create one sketch for both places! I have had this hexagon punch forever from Creative Memories and hexagons are huge right now in the scrapbook world so it was nice to get a chance to use it.

Not only that, but I found these sweet photos of my now fourteen year old when he was about 18 months. Time flies. For any of my readers that have young children or babies, I know you hear it all the time but truly...enjoy those moments. There is definitely more fun to be had but sometimes I'd love to go back and let him sit on my lap and snuggle just one more time...and fit! Authentique's Journey was the collection I used for this layout along with WRMK sew easy thread.

On a different note, I have started a new house cleaning regimen along with a new perspective. I put myself on a Facebook vacation for a while and it turns out that I get more done that I realized when I am not logging on to check Facebook. I am loving all of the "stuff" I am getting done but the biggest downside is I miss my friends. Texting just doesn't cut it sometimes. On the flip side, all laundry is done, everything is picked up around the house and the main rooms are vacuumed. I guess there is always a trade off. Not sure how long my "vacation" will last but tomorrow is bathroom day so it may end sooner than I think: ) 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great one!
Scrap Happy~Melissa


  1. Gorgeous layout, Melissa!!! And I can't believe that the adorable toddler in that photo is your 14 year old son. Crazy. Makes me kindove wish that Charlotte could stay in her terrible twos forever. :) ::hugs::

  2. Such a fantastically adorable layout. You did an amazing job. I hate bathroom cleaning days too and usually do all that I can to procrastinate it.

  3. I love this layout Melissa! I so wish I had a hexagon punch. And it's great to see old photos of your kiddos-from back before I "met" you! I've missed you on facebook, but kudos to you for giving yourself a break. I am amazed at how "consuming" technology can be!

  4. I love your layout, Melissa! I, too, am in awe that the little one in the pictures is your 14 year old! In the thick of things, it's hard to believe my kids will ever get bigger, but this really puts things into perspective for me. I have missed you around fb, but understand how keeping up with the house would be a good thing. I gave up on that when my oldest was as old as the cutie in your pictures. :)